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LS Inverter



iE5 Drive

User friendly micro size slim VFD

Inverter featuring on strong torque performance and accurate control for general use iS7

generates more powerful performance in terms of V/F control, V/F PG, slip compensation,

sensorless vector control, PMSM (Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor) and focuses on

user-friendly interface and environment-friendly features including wide graphic LCD keypad,

user & macro group support, electro-thermal functions for motor protection,

protection for input/output phase Open.




  • V/f control
  • Compact size: 68 x 128 x 85mm (2.7 x 5 x 3.3 inch)
  • 0.1 ~ 200Hz frequency output
  • 1 ~ 10kHz carrier frequency
  • Fault history: Last 3 faults
  • IP20 enclosure
  • RS485 (LS Bus / Modbus RTU) communication (Built-in option)
  • DC Injection braking
  • Selectable manual/ automatic torque boost
  • Selectable PNP/NPN input signal
  • PI control
  • Up-Down & 3-Wire operation
  • Automatic restart after instantaneous power failure
  • Built-in potentiometer
  • Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool (Drive View)
  • Parameter copy unit

LS Starvert Frequency Drive / Inverter


Drive Dimensions





iC5 Drive

High torque micro VFD

Small capacity and high performance LS inverter iC5 series.

iC5 provides satisfies various customer needs with Modbus, PID control, Sensorless

vector control, Auto Tuning, etc.



  • Sensorless vector control
    The iC5 adopts sensorless vector control algorithm, and it improves not only the torque control characteristics, but the speed controlability in an uncertain condition caused by the load variation as well.
  • Auto Tuning
    The auto tuning algorithm in the iC5 sets the motor factors automatically that brings the traditional commissioning difficulties mainly in low speed by the load variation and the low torque generation to a settlement.
  • Highly efficient DSP chip
    The iC5 adopts highly efficient DSP(Digital Signal Processing) chip to improve processing speed, flexibility, stability and etc.
  • PNP, NPN Dual Control Signal
    The iC5 provides PNP and NPN signals for outside controllers.
    It works with 24Vdc regardless of the type of PLC or control signals.
  • Communication interface, Modbus-RTU
    The iC5 provides the most popular communication interface, ModBus-RTU for remote control by PLC
    or other devices.
  • PID Control
    PID process control is used in iC5 to make speed corrections quickly with a minimal amount of overshoot
    and oscillation for the control of flow, temperature, pressure and etc.

LS Starvert Frequency Drive / Inverter


Drive Dimensions








Powerful & compact sensorless vector control VFD

LS Starvert iG5A is very competitive in its price and its functional strength compared to iG5.

User-friendly interface, extended inverter ranges up to 7.5kW, superb torque competence

and small size of iG5A provides an optimized user environment.



  • Selectable V/f, sensorless vector control
  • Motor parameter Auto-tuning
  • Powerful torque at overall speed range
  • 0.1 ~ 400Hz frequency output
  • -15% ~ +10% input voltage margin
  • Fault history: Last 5 faults
  • 0~10Vdc / -10 ~ +10Vdc analog input
  • IP20 enclosure, UL Type 1 (Option)
  • Selectable manual/automatic torque boost
  • Selectable PNP/NPN input signal
  • 2nd motor control and parameter setting
  • Built-in Dynamic braking transistor as standard
  • Enhanced process PID control
  • Built-in RS485 (LS Bus / Modbus RTU) communication
  • Cooling fan On/Off control & Easy change
  • Remote control using external keypad * RJ45 cable(Optional)
  • Upgraded functions:
    • Sleep & Wake-up (Energy savings)
    • KEB(Kinetic Energy Buffering) protection
    • Low leakage PWM algorism
  • Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool (Drive View)

LS Starvert Frequency Drive / Inverter


Drive Dimensions





Product Description


0.37 SV004iG5-1
0.75 SV008iG5-1
1.5 SV015iG5-1
0.37 SV004iG5-2
0.75 SV008iG5-2
1.5 SV015iG5-2
2.2 SV022iG5-2
3.7 SV037iG5-2
4 SV040iG5-2
0.37 SV004iG5-4
0.75 SV008iG5-4
1.5 SV015iG5-4
2.2 SV022iG5-4
3.7 SV037iG5-4
4 SV040iG5-4
0.37 SV004iG5-4N
0.75 SV008iG5-4N
1.5 SV015iG5-4N
2.2 SV022iG5-4N
3.7 SV037iG5-4N
4 SV040iG5-4N


Product Description


0.4 SV004iGX-4 380V
0.75 SV008iGX-4 380V
1.5 SV015iGX-4 380V
2.2 SV022iGX-4 380V
3.7 SV037iGX-4 380V
4 SV040iGX-4 380V
5.5 SV055iGX-4 380V
7.5 SV075iGX-4 380V
11 SV110iGX-4 380V
15 SV150GX-4 380V
18.5 SV185iGX-4 380V
22 SV220iGX-4 380V







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